RAS-PUTIN. Mad Monk 2; Kremlin demon’s evil hold over Vladimir Putin.


He is arguably the second most powerful man in Russia, yet his name is seldom – if ever – mentioned.

His influence is felt in every corner of the Kremlin, yet he holds no official office.

He is Russian strongman Vladimir Putin’s most trusted adviser, yet he has barely any formal education.

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COMMUNICATION REVOLUTION. Scientist masters talking underwater.


A Swedish scientist has proved that humans can communicate underwater and can even be heard clearly above the surface.

The breakthrough technique – the culmination of 7 years research by Professor Alva Jonsson, Head of Linguistics at Lund University – has stunned the scientific community.

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SPOOKY SPOKANE. The Return of the Night Stalker.


One of Spokane’s favorite sons, Darren McGavin – television’s Kolchak; The Night Stalker – is making a creepy comeback.

The popular character actor has reportedly made a string of spine chilling appearances recently.

Which is more than a little strange; McGavin died in 2006.

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PRESIDENT-ERECT. Trump brags; “I became a man in Spokane”


Veteran Spokane radio host Joseph “Crazy Joe” Pipewipe was surprised – and more than a little dubious – when he received an early morning call from an all too familiar voice.

Was this really happening?

Did President-elect Donald Trump just take to the airwaves to brag about having his first sexual experience in Spokane?   And underage at that?

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