R.I.P. “SPOOJ” DIDDLER. The passing of a musical giant.

Spooj Diddler on the cover of “Giving Herd” 

Ernest “Spooj” Diddler ~ 


The music industry is mourning the shock death of legendary electronic keyboard maestro and multi-award winning music producer, Ernest “Spooj” Diddler.

Diddler passed away at his Los Angeles home on Monday.

There are no suspicious circumstances.

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EXCLUSIVE: OSCAR OUTRAGE. Angry stars slam new-look statuette.

9540076722The most iconic image in motion pictures – the Oscar – is getting a facelift.

And some of the world’s top stars are furious.

They say Oscar is showbusiness royalty and they’ve sent out a unique S.O.S. to ensure the familiar gold art deco statuette stays just the way he is.

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SPOOKY SPOKANE. The Return of the Night Stalker.


One of Spokane’s favorite sons, Darren McGavin – television’s Kolchak; The Night Stalker – is making a creepy comeback.

The popular character actor has reportedly made a string of spine chilling appearances recently.

Which is more than a little strange; McGavin died in 2006.

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PRESIDENT-ERECT. Trump brags; “I became a man in Spokane”


Veteran Spokane radio host Joseph “Crazy Joe” Pipewipe was surprised – and more than a little dubious – when he received an early morning call from an all too familiar voice.

Was this really happening?

Did President-elect Donald Trump just take to the airwaves to brag about having his first sexual experience in Spokane?   And underage at that?

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