CLIMATE CHANGE BOMBSHELL. Everything you thought you knew is wrong.

4798780213Let’s start with the – no pun intended – cold hard facts.

First, the bad news. Yes, the globe is warming.

The good news? We finally know what’s causing it. And it’s not rising carbon emissions.

But the terrifying question is; how can we stop it before it’s too late?

Groundbreaking research by ARM – the Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Climate Research Facility in the southern Great Plains of Oklahoma – has unequivocally confirmed that:

  • climate change is real and ongoing
  • is caused by humans
  • poses a real and present danger to life on earth

But the research, headed by world acclaimed climatologist Professor Fel Chingman, has ruled out carbon emissions as the cause.

Disturbingly, it’s left scientists – and the world’s population – fighting an even more implacable foe; themselves.

Professor Chingman says the not so convenient truth is that global temperatures are rising because human body temperatures are increasing.

“I didn’t believe it myself when I first analysed the figures,” Professor Chingman says, “but the evidence is incontrovertible.”

“As our own body temperatures rise, we’re heating the planet.

“It’s only a fraction of a degree over the last 100 years.

“But with the world’s population topping 7.5 billion we’re pumping extra heat into the air every second of every day.

“We’re literally killing ourselves and everything around us.”

Professor Chingman says the finding is as mysterious as it is alarming.4780572510

“We have no idea why body temperatures are going up, “ the Professor admits.

“But it’s happening worldwide.

“And so far we have no strategy to reverse the process.”


Professor Chingman first formulated his theory after a colleague alerted him to research into the puzzling decline of goat populations in India.

The data revealed an incremental rise in the temperature of goat scrotums and a consequent drop in fertility.

The pattern was repeated in other goat populations in Pakistan, China and Africa.

Professor Chingman began checking the temperature records of human reproductive organs and made the dramatic connection to global warming.

As for the future?

Professor Chingman says it might be possible to develop medications that reduce human body temperature but warns we’re in a race against time.

“Right now, we’re only just realising we’re the problem,”  he says.

“How long we’ve got to become the solution, no-one knows.”








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