R.I.P. “SPOOJ” DIDDLER. The passing of a musical giant.

Spooj Diddler on the cover of “Giving Herd” 

Ernest “Spooj” Diddler ~ 


The music industry is mourning the shock death of legendary electronic keyboard maestro and multi-award winning music producer, Ernest “Spooj” Diddler.

Diddler passed away at his Los Angeles home on Monday.

There are no suspicious circumstances.

48 year old Diddler – born Ernest Gaylord Diddler in Gerbil, Oklahoma  – was a pioneer of tantric circus jazz fusion, an eccentric and eclectic musical styling that brought together elements of trapeze and angular chord progressions, interspersed with almost impossibly prolonged audio simulations of intercourse.

Diddler’s stage shows were banned in 34 US states and he was refused entry to a string of countries where his performances were deemed obscene.

Diddler remained defiantly unapologetic, famously declaring; “Everybody does it. I’m just doing it with an electric organ.”  

His most recent album – 2015’s magnum opus “Giving Herd” – featured actual recordings of wildebeest mating.


Despite his controversial reputation, Diddler worked with some of the biggest names in the industry, including hip hop superstar BJ Glock, country music legend Flab McThuckett and international chanteuse Jemima Vajj.


The enigmatic, notoriously private, 4 times married Diddler was found unresponsive in his sprawling Santa Monica beach house and pronounced dead at the scene.

He was estranged from his fourth wife, Irish actor Faith Begorrah, but was said to be on good terms with their son – his only child – 11-year-old Derp.

In recent years Diddler had battled chronic flatulence and an addiction to ear drops.



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