EXCLUSIVE: OSCAR OUTRAGE. Angry stars slam new-look statuette.

9540076722The most iconic image in motion pictures – the Oscar – is getting a facelift.

And some of the world’s top stars are furious.

They say Oscar is showbusiness royalty and they’ve sent out a unique S.O.S. to ensure the familiar gold art deco statuette stays just the way he is.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences held its first awards’ ceremony in the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel in 1929.

15 statuettes were presented in just over 15 minutes.

Oscar was an instant hit and every year since then the 13.5 inch (34.3 cm) tall crusader knight with sword has been the coveted symbol of excellence for actors, writers, directors, producers and technicians.

But the Academy believes Oscar’s design is too dated and has produced a modern version, said to feature a futuristic figure in platinum, rather than the traditional gold.

While the new design is being jealously guarded, images have been sent to influential members of AMPAS for review.

The results are damning.

The Spokane Word has obtained EXCLUSIVE access to the AMPAS feedback forms.

We can’t name names but the reactions from top industry professionals – big box office draws – include:

  • “What’s with this shit? Oscar is Gold. Got it? Gold. This looks like a car hood ornament.”


  • “I’m boycotting the Oscars until Oscar – the real Oscar – returns.”


  • “Silver is for second place. What the hell is the Academy thinking?”


  • “I’d like to congratulate the Academy on awarding artists with some kind of second rate science fiction dildo. Get it together, shitbirds.”


And many artists took the opportunity to make AMPAS aware of the global S.O.S – Save Our Statuette – campaign that’s sweeping the internet and social media:

“Save. Our. Statuette. Join Actors Equity’s campaign to preserve Oscar. You can’t change history.”

Perhaps the rising anger is best summed up by this response from a multiple Oscar-winning director:

“And the winner is…. Not the Academy! That’s for damned sure.”

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