PRESIDENT-ERECT. Trump brags; “I became a man in Spokane”


Veteran Spokane radio host Joseph “Crazy Joe” Pipewipe was surprised – and more than a little dubious – when he received an early morning call from an all too familiar voice.

Was this really happening?

Did President-elect Donald Trump just take to the airwaves to brag about having his first sexual experience in Spokane?   And underage at that?

Pipewipe, a broadcaster for 30 years, was at the mic doing his regular midnight to dawn program What’s Up, Washington? last Saturday.

“Just before 1:00am my producer Richard (Cheeseman) buzzed the studio and said; ‘you have to hear this. There’s a guy on the call-in line who sounds just like Donald Trump’,” says Pipewipe

“I said; ‘who is it?’ And Richard said; ‘I think it really is Trump.’

“I quickly did the math and said; ‘It can’t be. That’d be, like, 4:00 in the morning in New York!’

“Richard just shrugged through the glass and put the call through.

“Long story short, next thing I know I’m talking to the president-elect.

“I stumbled through a few platitudes – I still can’t believe it,right? – and then I asked him straight out; ‘can I put you on the air?

“He says ‘sure’ and that’s what happened.

“We chatted for about five minutes about The Wall, locking up Hillary, and then suddenly he laughs and says; ‘you know, Joe, I lost my virginity in Spokane.’

“And he proceeds to tell me about some motel maid in, like, 1961. He’s 15 at the time. He’s on a road trip with his dad and been left alone in the room. This woman – he thinks her name was Jacqui – comes into clean and…. well…. Jacqui needs to change the sheets. Twice.

“He didn’t go into much detail or anything. But there it was. Right there on the air.”

But Pipewipe says shortly after the startling sex revelation the President-elect’s tone changed abruptly.

“He was obviously getting advice from someone else in the room,” says Pipewipe.

“He comes back on the line and says; ‘Joe, I’m gonna need you to erase that tape.’

“I said; ‘Mr President – I was so flustered that’s all I could think of to call him – it’s already gone out live.’

“There’s another pause, then a chuckle, and he just says; ‘people listening at this hour, who’s going to believe them?’ 

“And he hangs up.”

Pipewipe says the switchboard lit up and his regular listeners couldn’t stop talking about it.

“They just kept saying; ‘was that really him? Really? What was he like? How’d you arrange it.’  Stuff like that.”

Pipewipe says 590 KQNT management wiped the on air logging tape, as requested, and he hasn’t heard from Donald Trump, or anyone connected with him, since.

“I’d sure love to hear from Jacqui though,” Pipewipe says.

“She’s got some story to tell.

“So if you’re still out there, Jacqui, give me a call.”

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